Survivalist Holidays

What is a Survivalist?

A survivalist is an individual who has been trained to survive in the outdoors for a period of time on limited rations or using the land as a means to find food and water. Survivalists often hone their skills on survivalist holidays – known sometimes as ‘retreats’ – under the watchful eye of ex-military personnel.

What is Survivalism?

Survivalism is the use of techniques used by military personnel in order to sustain themselves in the outdoors and in conditions that many of us might falter in. These conditions can include extreme cold, severe weather, or becoming stranded in unfamiliar territory.

Survivalism can also be referred to as ‘Emergency Preparedness’.

What are Survivalist Holidays?

Survivalist Holidays are now becoming one of the faster growing outdoors in the United Kingdom today. These holidays – which many do not regard as holidays – are designed to teach the avid outdoorsman how to survive in unfriendly environments over a period of time without fresh food or water or perhaps without the proper clothing.

A survivalist holiday will often take place in a remote area many miles away from villages or towns and are run by ex-military personnel who are specially trained in such practices. The emphasis over a two or three day period is to become familiar with the outdoors and its perils and also to become familiar with certain techniques which have been employed by many over the years in order to survive.

Survivalist holidays are meticulously planned out with nothing left to chance. There are always emergency procedures in place should an accident or illness occur and those in charge are required by law to be medically fit and licensed before running such holidays.

What Can I Learn on a Survivalist Holiday?

The aim of a survivalist holiday is to acclimatise you – the survivalist – with your outdoor environment and its pitfalls. During your time you will learn:

  • How to light a fire
  • How to build a makeshift tent or shelter
  • What to eat and what not to eat
  • How to keep warm
  • Where to find water
  • How to plot your way

All of these techniques are employed throughout the course of your holiday which – as we have already mentioned may be two or three days: however it is worth noting that some holidays can run to as long as a week with the inclusion of some classroom learning.

Usually during this time you will be a member of a team and as well as learning how to survive in the open during both the night and day, you will also learn how to navigate through unchartered terrain and how to leave a trail so that you can be found if necessary. During survivalist holidays the use of mobile telephones is not permitted – at least whilst in the open – and those undergoing the courses are asked to undertake a brief medical examination and sign a consent form before being allowed to participate.

Can I Join a Survivalist Holiday?

Anyone over the age of eighteen can enrol for a course in Survivalism but you should be aware that if you are undergoing medical supervision for any illness you may be refused admittance. Likewise you should also be aware that the main purpose of survivalist holidays is to encourage team building and is not designed to promote outdoor activities without the proper equipment or attention to care.

Your local tourist information centre will have details of where you can take part in such a holiday and you will also be able to find listings in Yellow Pages and online.

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