Questionnaire: Where Should You Camp?

Different people obviously want different things from camping. Some desire the truly wild experience, some wish for an experience that puts them close to nature, but not so close that it might bite them, while others want something that’s like home, with most of the comforts that implies, but in a tent.

Each one is fine, of course, but it means those people will all want very different places to go camping. For someone who’s new to it – and even for those who aren’t – it’s helpful to discover what type of place best suits the temperament. That’s the point behind this questionnaire – as well as having a little fun.

What do you look for in a tent?

  • a) Small and light enough to fit easily on your backpack for walking.
  • b) Just the right size to be cosy and quick to erect and take down.
  • c) With ample room for the family and all their gear – as long as it fits in the car.

When camping, what would you expect in the way of facilities?

  • a) I don’t expect anything – I like the challenge of fending for myself.
  • b) I don’t need much. As long as I have access to clean running water, I’m fine.
  • c) I want a shower block, a swimming pool, entertainment for the children and onsite club or pub with restaurant(s).

When do you feel is the best time to go camping?

  • a) I don’t mind the season, I just like getting out into nature, and cold is just a challenge.
  • b) Any time from spring until late autumn is fine, although cold and snow is a limit.
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  • c) In the summer, when the weather is warm is ideal; it’s the best time to enjoy the outdoors.

How long are your camping trips?

  • a) As long as I can manage. I go most weekends, and sometimes for a week when I have holiday.
  • b) No longer than a week, but I regularly go camping at weekends.
  • c) I generally go for occasional weekends, then a fortnight during the summer.

What do you eat when camping?

  • a) I take a mix of fresh and freeze-dried foods, and can also scavenge off the country if necessary.
  • b) I take fresh food, and mix it with meals in restaurants and pubs.
  • c) I like to eat in the onsite restaurants and cafés.

How many people do you go camping with?

  • a) I usually just go with my best friend, but sometimes by myself.
  • b) I go with one or two friends, or the family. Occasionally a group of us will go together.
  • c) We usually go camping as a family.

So what do your answers mean?

They give a very good indication on the best places for you to go camping, and also the type of camping that suits you best.

Mostly A – You’re very definitely the wild camping type, and you’ll love vanishing into the deep countryside to be as self-reliant as possible. Remember to read our wild camping article so you’re familiar with the regulations and can reap the maximum benefits of this back-to-nature type camping

Mostly B– Then you enjoy being close to nature but with a touch of civilisation. You’ll be fine on a campsite that offers hot showers and maybe a basic shop, but you won’t appreciate a site that’s too commercial with full blown entertainment thrown in, so avoid the ‘holiday park’ type campsites and choose those in a rural or semi rural setting with hot showers and maybe a pub or two in the nearby village.

Mostly C – You will be most comfortable choosing a well established campsite, which offers entertainment, cafés/restaurants, games rooms and maybe a pool. Look for holiday parks, particularly those offered by the well know holiday providers.

Whatever your style, enjoy the outdoors on your next camping trip.

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