Healthy Eating Whilst Camping

Many people forget that when they go on a camping or caravanning holiday that they can still eat healthily whilst they are there.

To this end many of us as individuals – and as families – find ourselves trawling around supermarkets on the day before we set off buying up packet foods, canned goods and items kept in plastic containers that will keep for the duration of our holiday.

Although this may seem like a good idea it is actually a false economy and one based on the ability to be able to store items in conditions other than those we would encounter at home.

One of the most expensive elements of planning a holiday at a caravan park or campsite is the food. Many of us will spend money eating in local restaurants and pubs or by buying takeaway food from local establishments and bringing them back to the caravan or tent. This is something; that although a trend you might not follow at home is one a lot of us fall into whilst on holiday.

If we have children with us for example they want to eat fast food, chips, frozen pizzas, microwavable meals and the likes, and to substitute for the lack of these we spend money in restaurants and pubs. Likewise if you are staying at a holiday park in a caravan you may find that eating on site in their own restaurants can prove pricey.

Healthy Eating

You can still enjoy good healthy, flavoursome food on a camping or caravanning holiday without breaking the bank. And one of the easiest ways of doing this is to take advantage of the local farm shops that will sell everything from eggs, milk, and cheese to bread and meat – usually sausages and bacon.

If – for example – you wanted to make bacon and eggs for breakfast using your camping stove or your caravan’s gas cooker then you could do this remarkably easily and in much the same time as you would be able to at home.

It is important to remember that oils are not needed when cooking bacon on a gas stove or camping stove; bacon retains a certain amount of water which is expelled once it is at the cooking stage so it will cook in its own liquid which can be drained off. If you do need to use some oil in the cooking process use a teaspoon of olive oil. For the cooking of eggs the way in which to get the perfect fried egg is to wash your pan, then put it back onto the heat at a low temperature, add your eggs and slowly increase the heat until the eggs begin to cook.

You can cook sausages in this way too; again it is not necessary to use oils as the sausages will produce their own fat to cook in but remember to drain it off before serving or adding anything else to the pan.

Many modern mobile homes now cater for all tastes and have fridges, cookers, and microwave ovens but it is worth bearing in mind that whilst your are on holiday you have the opportunity to taste some of the finest farm products Britain has to offer at their freshest and also at their cheapest.

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