The Advantage of Dome Tents

Go to any campsite – not just in the UK, but in most countries – and the vast majority of tents are will be dome tents. They’ve taken over the market. Indeed, the vast majority of tents in camping goods shops these days are dome tents. What is it about …

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How Big a Tent Should You Buy?

One of the big questions facing novice campers is how big a tent to buy. It’s not an easy one to answer, since it’s dependent upon a number of factors. However, there are guidelines that can work well in terms of offering general advice. After all, it’s pointless to be …

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What is a Yurt and Where to Use One?

Go to any festival, anywhere, and you’re guaranteed to see several large, strangely-shaped structures scattered around the site. They’re like tents, but bigger, sturdier, and often made of odd things. They’re called yurts, and come originally from Mongolia, although they’ve been adopted over here by a number of people. They’re …

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