Staying in a Caravan Park

What is a Caravan Park?

A Caravan park is a specially allotted area within which static and mobile caravans can be berthed for a period of time, anything from a week to one year depending on your requirements. There are hundreds of Caravan parks up and down the country and every year thousands of people make the journey to the Caravan Park of their choice to enjoy a holiday without leaving the United Kingdom or without spending a small fortune.

Types of Caravan Park

There are several types of Caravan Park that can be found within the British Isles. They are:

Home Parks

These are Caravan Parks where the caravans remain ‘static’; that is to say they remain there at all times and can be lived in at any time or the year or indeed – as some people do – live in them as their registered dwelling. These parks have amenities such as underground drainage, electricity, gas as well as a regular shop which can sometimes resemble a small supermarket.

Holiday Parks

You will doubtlessly saw many different Holiday Parks advertised in the media. These parks allow you to either bring your own caravan or rent one on site for the duration of your stay, giving you the same degree of independence you would have if you had your own caravan. Within these parks there are all the usual amenities to be found at such Holiday parks including shops, pubs, restaurants, entertainment for adults and children and fairground attractions. Some parks even have small petting zoos and/or farms. These parks allow for weekly or fortnightly stays mostly during peak and off-peak seasons.

Touring Caravan Parks

These are probably the most common Caravan Park in the United Kingdom and indeed on the continent. Touring caravans – as the name would suggest – are caravans which are attached to back of your family car or other vehicle and towed to the destination of your choice. Many families enjoy this level of freedom as they can go anywhere they want – providing there is a camp site or caravan park available. Ranging from two berths up to six berths, these touring caravans can be moved at will from one site to another and many families enjoy the luxury of travelling from place to place whilst on holiday.

Touring caravan parks have minimal facilities such as shower blocks and toilet blocks and perhaps a small shop but for the most part it is up to the family to make sure they have food, water, electricity and gas and whatever else is needed for their stay. At a touring caravan park you can pay by the night or buy a block of nights and this frees families up to enjoy their surroundings and indulge in activities, returning to their caravans at night to eat and sleep.

As we have already mentioned there are many hundreds of these varying parks up and down the British Isles and you are likely never to be too far away from one of them.

With this in mind hiring a caravan – or taking your caravan with you – makes touring the United Kingdom a great family holiday and offers up all the independence and excitement of a foreign holiday without the expense.

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