Luxury Camping Gear

Whilst many people who enjoy camping prefer to take a ‘back to basics’ approach, there are a great number of people who enjoy the great outdoors and sleeping under canvas but like their experience to be rather more comfortable. ‘Luxury’ camping gear can mean different things to different people. For some, just having a basic sleeping pad to lie on and a proper pillow can make all the difference whilst for others, they like to go the whole hog to ensure that their camping experience is as luxurious as it comes.

There are many companies which cater for this top end of the market and all kinds of innovations that have been designed to make camping more comfortable. However, it’s important to remember that many of these items don’t come cheap. In the end, it can end up being a very expensive outdoors experience but if that’s your ‘thing’ and money is no object, here are a few of the more popular trends in luxury camping gear.

Cooking Related Equipment

Today, you can buy really sophisticated hi-tech multi-burner stoves which are almost as good as the cooker you would use at home. These are useful if you’re cooking several different types of food simultaneously and when using different methods to cook them but they’re not just quite expensive but will also mean you’re likely to be using more gas too. Portable refrigerators are another popular choice.

General Living And Creature Comforts Around Camp

You can buy fairly lightweight gas powered generators to generate electricity these days off which people will run TVs, radio and other equipment such as laptops as well as a wide variety of styles of comfortable collapsible furniture. You can buy top of the range king size inflatable mattresses some of which even come with the ability to heat them on those chilly nights for which you can buy luxury bed linen as opposed to using sleeping bags which some people find restricting. Even those who do not have the facilities of a managed camp site with shower and toilet facilities already provided but who prefer wilderness camping do not have to miss out. You can actually buy a type of privacy shelter tent into which you can incorporate a shower and portable toilet.

Luxury Camp Sites

Even if you don’t want to go to all the additional expense of having to splash out on the latest luxury camping gear or you’re not in a position to transport it all to your chosen site, there are numerous camp sites which specialise in 5 star camping experiences. These are even more sophisticated and luxurious and you’ll even find tents which come equipped with their own ceiling fans as well as having gourmet meals prepared for you. These types of holidays do not come cheap however and, in providing you with luxurious facilities whilst, simultaneously, doing that in some magnificent outdoors setting, you’ll often find that you could stay in a 5 star hotel for less.

It really is a matter of taste and preference in the end and if your finances allow it, there is certainly no end to the types of gear you can buy these days, especially designed for those who enjoy camping but like to do it in style. One thing that is for certain, however, is that it’s still the outdoors and, no matter what luxuries you’ll have, it will still occasionally rain, you’ll still get muddy now and again and mosquitoes and other bugs and flying insects have no respect for luxuries so they’ll still be something you’ll have to deal with whatever facilities you might have.

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