Best Campervan Heaters | Staying Warm When On The Road

If you’re out and about exploring the UK in your campervan, things can get chilly even in the summer. As the sun goes down, it’s not uncommon for temperatures to drop so you’ll need a way of staying toasty.

If you’ve purchased a campervan, it may have a heater built-in but this shouldn’t be taken as a given. Plus, a lot of people build their campers from the ground up so need to purchase everything including a heater. 

Choosing the right one is essential in making sure that you stay warm and safe while on your adventures. In this guide, we’ll be showing you some of the best campervan heaters on the market right now and giving you some helpful buying tips. 

Campervan Heaters – Our Top Picks

There are quite a few options when it comes to campervan heaters and many would see this as a blessing. You certainly aren’t limited on choice. However, this choice can make it trickier to choose between products so we have done the hard work for you. Check out our campervan heater top picks. 

Top Pick

Triclicks 12v 5KW Air Diesel Heater

Triclicks 12V 5KW Air Diesel Heater Parking Heater Diesel Night Heater with Silencer LCD Switch Remote Control 10L Tank For Truck, Boat, Car Trailer,... CHECK LATEST PRICE

This could be considered the campervan heater that has everything. It’s relatively affordable, especially for a diesel heater and performs beyond anything you could imagine. With low emissions, it’s great for reducing your carbon footprint and the temperature can be easily adjusted to suit your current needs. 

The Triclicks heater is compact and comes with everything you need to install it and get going. What’s more, this is one of the most versatile products on the market. Not only can you use it in your campervan but it’ll serve you just as well in a truck, boat, bus and any other vehicle you might need. 

This is a well built, robust piece of equipment that will have an excellent service life. The only minor issue is that some of the fittings, such as the jubilee clips aren’t very strong. It is recommended to buy your own for the greatest durability. 

Adjustable temperatureFittings aren’t very strong
Eco friendly
Robust materials

Best Diesel Powered Heater

TUOKE 8KW Diesel Air Heater

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If you regularly head off in your campervan, you’re naturally going to want a heater that’s reliable and will last many years. This is where the TUOKE diesel heater truly excels. It’s a robust heater made from aluminium. It’ll withstand heavy duty use but this metal also keeps it as lightweight as possible. 

Moreover, the TUOKE heater is designed to be very energy efficient. Not only will this mean less fuel consumption but a longer overall life. 

The last thing you want is a heater that rattles and creaks when in operation. While you could be forgiven for thinking that something with a combustion engine was going to kick out the decibels, you’d be mistaken. This runs smoothly and quietly and you’ll also notice excellent heat distribution.

Everything you need to install the heater is included and it’s even remote controlled for convenience. While this is one of the more expensive options, it’s reliable, robust and super simple to use. 

Strong and durableExpensive
Great heat distribution
Quiet operation
User friendly and easy to install
Works in extreme locations

Best Compact Electric Heater

GOTOTOP 12V Space Heater

GOTOTOP 12V Space Heater Car Air Heater Constant Temperature PTC Electric Fan Heater Indoor Greenhouse Heater for Car Small Space Heating... CHECK LATEST PRICE

For people who don’t travel in very cold weather but still require a compact heater for when the evening gets a little chilly, this is a great choice. The GOTOTOP electric heater features a 12v connection so is perfect for use in the campervan or on the go. 

One of the great things about this heater is how durable it is. Unlike many other electrical items, this has a level of moisture resistance. If you’re using it somewhere humid, this won’t affect the function. Moreover, it’s made with strong materials that are designed to give the heater a service life between three and five years; not bad for a compact little device like this!

It’s very easy to install and despite being small, it kicks out a nice amount of heat. The heater is designed for use in cars, campervans, trucks and other vehicles.

Space savingSurface gets quite hot so there’s a danger of burning
Easy to install
Moisture resistant
Long service life
Choice of wattage

Best Gas Powered Heater

ASAB Portable Gas Heater

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Gas powered heaters put out a nice amount of heat so they’re ideal for use even in very cold weather. What’s great about this one is not only that it’s very effective but it’s also compact and easy to transport. 

The ASAB portable gas heater is made from highly robust materials but is still very lightweight at just 2kg. The only real downside is that you need excellent ventilation for a gas heater which can counteract things a little. That said, it’s the perfect solution for keeping warm when sitting outside your campervan during the evening. 

There’s a safety guard to protect against accidents; essential if you have little ones or pets around the campsite. Additionally, the temperature can be adjusted to suit the conditions making this an incredibly versatile piece of equipment. You’ll get around four hours of heat out of one gas canister when running the heater on low.

Emits a lot of heatBetter for outdoor use
Adjustable heat settings
Made from strong materials
Compact and portable
Safety guard


There’s nothing quite like hitting the open road to enjoy a camping adventure. If you have a campervan, your transport and accommodation are all in one so there’s no denying it’s a convenient way of exploring. However, things can end up getting pretty chilly, especially in the colder months so you need to make sure you have a way of staying nice and toasty. 

Choosing between the best campervan heaters doesn’t need to be a difficult task and there is a wealth of choices on the market. Our helpful guide makes it easy for you to decide and our top picks are among some of the most superior products out there. Happy camping!

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