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The aim of our website is to provide a comprehensive guide to both those who already enjoy the camping experience and to others who have yet to discover its attraction. Camping isn't just about pitching a tent in a muddy field and our website illustrates the many different forms of camping available and the range of locations in which camping can be enjoyed - from embarking upon a wilderness experience to staying in a luxury motorhome.

Best Campervan Heaters | Staying Warm When On The Road

If you’re out and about exploring the UK in your campervan, things can get chilly even in the summer. As the sun goes down, it’s not uncommon for temperatures to drop so you’ll need a way of staying toasty. If you’ve purchased a campervan, it may have a heater built-in …

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What To Look For When Buying A Used Caravan

Today’s caravans are vastly different than they were ten years ago and, these days, they come with so many additional features and creature comforts that buying new can be very expensive. Therefore, many people will firstly opt to look at used caravans as a cheaper and more realistic alternative. There …

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Preparing and Storing Your Caravan for the Winter

If you’re not going to be using your caravan in the winter, it’s important that you prepare it correctly and then you’ll also need to decide where you’re going to store it. Preparing Your Caravan First of all, empty out and clean all of the cupboards and get rid of …

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How To Reverse With A Caravan

The idea of driving along towing a caravan may not seem too daunting a task until you encounter a situation where you have to reverse it which can happen a lot if you’re towing a caravan to caravan parks regularly. It’s obviously a lot easier if you have somebody to …

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6 Tips For Camping With Kids

Women Camping Alone – Safety Advice

Camping alone is often due to necessity or sometimes because people get more out of the experience of camping as a place to find solitude and to relax in peace. Whatever your reasons for camping alone, it is important to ensure your safety as the outdoors present more challenges and …

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Staying Safe On Remote Campsites

Although many people who enjoy camping prefer campsites which offer many of the facilities and creature comforts you’d find at home, others prefer the wilderness experience and getting away from it all in extremely remote and natural environments. There’s no suggestion that camping in remote places or fields is any …

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How Can We Dry Our Tent Quickly?

Unfortunately, there is no recommended safe, quick solution to drying a tent. Some people will shove them into tumble dryers but you should never do this as the heat can cause the material to rip or distort and it can even melt so just don’t do this. Bringing the tent …

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Learning Archery

Whether it’s through Robin Hood or from watching cowboy and Indian films when you were a child, many people have often had a fascination about shooting an arrow from a bow. There is no upper age limit in archery. Some people continue well into their 80s. There is no fixed …

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Canoeing and Kayaking

First of all, let’s get the definitions out of the way. A kayak is what most people picture when thinking of a canoe. It is a closed sitting area/cockpit in which the paddler will use a double-ended paddle. A standard canoe is similar to a kayak, except that you kneel …

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Horseriding When Camping

Horse riding is an activity that suits people of all ages and abilities. They are increasingly attracted to it as a way of keeping fit and as a relaxing way to enjoy the countryside. No horse required Many people who might like to go horse riding but choose not to …

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